Face Off…revisited

Mountain Goblin King - Episode 1, Season 4

Mountain Goblin King
Episode 1, Season 4 of Face Off

A quick follow-up on this show, now in season four.

In my original post, Face Off…a reality show?, I said that the audience only got to vote on the final episode and that the vote was simply used to give the judges something else to consider when making their decision.  That has changed.  The viewing audience now votes to determine the winner.  The judges still make the decision on who goes home throughout the rest of the season.

I had also mentioned that there wasn’t any “back-stabbing” and arguing…and that has continued to be a part of what makes this show so great.  So far, the contestants have even pitched in helping other get their molds open, looking at each others’ designs and making suggestions when asked, and generally hoping for everyone to do well, to present their best work each week.  The worst thing I recall is one of the scenes where they showed one of the girls saying “Please not so-and-so” (referring to who her partner would be for the challenge) right before being paired up with that so-and-so…but they worked together well-enough and survived that week.

We’ve turned the show into family time.  We DVR it on Tuesday nights and then watch it one evening during the week with our daughters, both over ten years old.  Most of the profanity is bleeped out (there isn’t that much of it anyway) and there hasn’t really been any content too provocative that we were uncomfortable with our daughters seeing it.

I really hope SyFy keeps this show going.


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