Learn To Laugh At Yourself …or My Beef with “He’s Making Fun of Me!”

At the risk of losing followers and pissing people off, I’m posting about a topic/news article that some people feel very strongly about…obviously.

The title of the article says it all:  Asian-themed fraternity party sparks protest by Duke University students.  I don’t really need to summarize that one.  But I do need to post about it.  I’ve seen articles similar to this before and almost posted, but held my tongue (fingers?).  Well, I can’t hold back any more.
Should the Germans get offended when Americans try to imitate Oktoberfest by wearing lederhosen, putting crappy beer in big steins, cooking sausages, and getting drunk? (Why crappy beer?  Because while Budweiser may have come from a brewery run by a German family, the beer is flavorless crap compared to “real” German bier.)
Should the Irish be offended by St. Patrick’s Day antics like turning piss-water beer green, wearing Kiss Me I’m Irish buttons, and wearing plastic green hats?
How about the Italians?  Should they scream racism every time someone has a toga party?
Maybe those of us who are “academically inclined” should take to the streets when people want to have “nerd day” at school.
Enough of this PC, touchy-feely, he’s-making-fun-of-me crap.  Grow up, already!
Believe it or not, some people actually learn about other cultures when they are figuring out what to wear or take to a theme party.  Why is the round, conical hat symbolic of Asian culture?  What does Oktoberfest celebrate, anyway?  Who was St. Patrick?
And even if no one learns anything, the party is supposed to be fun.  Yeah, there will be stereotyping.  Yes, people will speak in horrible attempts to fake an accent and dress in varying states of attire that resemble closely…or not so closely…the styles of the party’s theme.  As long as the party is done with the goal of being a fun, it’s more a mass parody than a mean spirited ripping of a culture and shouldn’t be banned.
When’s the last time you saw protests outside a production of The Mikado?
While we’re on the subject, when did it become verboten to use the word Oriental when referring to Asians…and why?  (I was being serious with that, btw.)

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