Project 347…er, 346

I failed this year.  I failed to accomplish my goal of 366 posts on this blog in 2012.  Even after changing my game plan to shoot for a total of 366 posts by combining the totals from this blog and my other blog, Wanna Get Published, Write! (WGPW), I came up short.  I ended up with the Project 346.  196 posts here and 150 on WGPW.  The title reflects that I started this post yesterday.  Had I posted it it then, I’d have had 347 posts for the year, but since I am finishing it up on the first of 2013, I only managed 346 last year.

Of course, this wasn’t a total failure.  I did do a lot more writing this year than in previous years.  I started a weekly post on this blog called Music Monday, in which I write about songs, artists, and/or lyrics and link to videos of a few of the songs I talk about.  On WGPW, I participated in two poem-a-day challenges and wrote a poem for almost every Poetic Asides Wednesday Poetry Prompt.  I also wrote a number of flash fiction stories and became the Tuesday prompt provider for Flashy Fiction…to which I’ve got to figure out how to drive more traffic.

Ultimately, while I didn’t meet my goal of 366 posts, I was much more productive.  I’ll try to carry that momentum forward into 2013.


Happy New Year!


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