Mr. Not-So-Nice Guy: I don’t care about your story

At one point, I had a blog that I was writing as Mr. Not-So-Nice Guy.  I used that to make posts about things that came off mean-spirited, hurtful, or against what seems to be the current fancy of the times.  Well, this post will likely not be popular with a lot of folks out there, but I just can’t keep it in anymore.
Mr Not-So-Nice GuyA couple days ago, a post showed up in my Facebook feed asking when platform heels, fishnet stockings, and skintight orange miniskirt became appropriate attire for going to Mass.  People commented on the post, of course, ranging from the “OMG, I can’t believe someone would dress like that!” to “Maybe she was coming from a long shift working ‘the pole’.”  It was generally agreed that the stated attire it is not appropriate for church/Mass.  I was glad to see that that was the consensus among the small number of commenters.
It was one comment on that post, though, that became the impetus for this post.  The post was something to the effect of “don’t judge because you don’t know her situation.”  We’ve all seen or heard this, or something very much like it before.  It is a very popular concept to throw around nowadays.  At first, I nodded my head, but then I started shaking it back and forth, disagreeing.  I can empathize with folks in bad spots in their lives, but we have become a society that is way too concerned with coddling people than with expecting them to meet our social norms.
Remember social norms?  A bar set to a certain height as the expected level of conduct, especially in public?  That bar has sunk so low in recent years that you’d pretty much have to be pond scum to limbo under it.  This applies, of course, to more than appropriate church attire, but that’s the example I’m using in this post.
Unless you’re fleeing your job as a gentlemen’s club waitress while being pursued by vampires and looking for holy ground as sanctuary, you don’t belong in a church in fishnets and a mini skirt…and I’m not a church goer.  The “think about her situation” folks would have me ponder whether maybe she is poor and doesn’t have anything appropriate to wear, but I’d wager the clothes she wore cost as much or more than more appropriate attire.
As I mentioned, we’ve become a society that is so concerned with not hurting someone’s feelings, not making an individual feel out-of-place, not shunning bad behavior, that we’ve gotten to where we’d rather have those who follow our social norms feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.  Well, I’m not going for it.  It’s time to raise the bars back up and EXPECT people to meet them.  Continuing with the church theme, maybe we shouldn’t expect “Sunday Best” as the appropriate level or attire, but pants or skirt/dress below the knee (not strapless) and a polo or dress shirt for guys and a blouse for the gals shouldn’t be too much to ask.
Certainly, looking like you just made the walk of shame from last night’s club scene or like church is a slight diversion on your way there is not appropriate…and I don’t care about your story.  If you can’t dress appropriately, stay home and pray.  He hears you there, too.

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