Music Monday – When the Children Cry

It won’t take a genius to figure out where the choice of songs for this post came from, but in case you live under a rock or are reading this years from now, this week’s Music Monday was influenced by the deaths of twenty-eight people, mostly children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut last Friday, by an obviously unhinged youth on a killing spree.  Aside from his mother working at the school, there appears at this point to be no reason for doing what he did.  It’s still all over the news and a simple Internet search will provide much more detail than I’m going to go into here.  I can’t stop anyone’s pain, but this week I’ve selected a couple songs with lyrics that fit the moment and a final tune…a dirge.
Little child, dry your crying eyes
How can I explain the fear you feel inside?
‘Cause you were born Into this evil world
Where man is killing man and no one knows just why
When the Children Cry – White Lion
White Lion’s song, about all the death and destruction we adults are causing and doing without a care for what it will leave our children, was intended to cause a bit of reflection of on the part of the offending adults.  It could be said that it failed at that.  The world is probably more dangerous now than when the song was penned, with just slightly less chance of nuclear war…at this particular moment, anyway.  It’s a beautiful song, though.
I know it’s hard
In a world gone mad
To find the truth
To understand
And I know it’s hard
To turn the page
To walk the line
To have the faith

Through the Rain – Cinderella

I know it’s easy for me to sound so sensible since I’m mostly removed from the horror of the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I have absolutely no idea what state I’d be in if I’d have lost a loved one, especially a child, in such an inexplicable manner.  And we will likely never really know the cause.  We’ll speculate and theorize and argue for and against gun control and safer schools and better identification and tracking of psychological problems, but in the end, it won’t bring these victims back to their families.  Hopefully, the parents and loved ones of all the victims will find some sort of peace, some small measure of hope, some slight ray of sunshine through the rain.
Flowers of the Forest  (a dirge on bagpipe)
This Scottish folk tune has been around since at least the early 1600s and is known to many simply as The Lament.  Per Wikipedia: “Due to the content of the lyrics and the reverence for the tune, it is one of the few tunes that many pipers will only perform at funerals or memorial services, and only practice it in private or to instruct other pipers.”  I feel it is an apt song to close with today.

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