Music Monday – Smoke on the Water

Smoke O The Water

The pic isn’t “Smoke”, but this song by Deep Purple certainly does.  Deep Purple have been making great rock music for a long time and have continued to reinvent themselves as members die or leave the band.  The most recent incarnation announced on their website that they’d be releasing a new album in 2013.
The video, aside from showcasing Deep Purple rocking this huge hit of theirs live, has a lead in which Jon Lord talks about the origin of the song and a trailer in which he discusses the band’s thoughts on the song.  It’s a very cool way to bookend this video.
Normally, I’d listen to and then post a few other songs by a band on here, but I’m really tired and need to get this post done.  My apologies.

One Response

  1. Surely, one of the greatest rock bands to ever get up on a stage. Gillan’s rocking that beard, nice!

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