Dontcha Hate It When you’re ordered to a site that’s offline

Dontcha Hate It When things are so well-coordinated at work that you get the email about training…mandatory training…and, being the high speed, low drag employee you are, you click open the directions on where to find the training and start logging in and browsing to the training to find the message that the site hosting the training will be offline for three days…starting that morning.  As you silently, or not so silently, grump and gripe about this, you get the follow-up email about the site being down.
Now, you know it’s not your training manager’s fault because they aren’t the one mandating the training.  They are simply passing along the requirement that’s come down from higher.  The folks who pushed the boulder of this training down the hill, though, should certainly have coordinated to not send out the notice in the day or so before server maintenance.  Seems like a quick check of the site or a call to the admin team prior to that final push could have prevented a lot of profanity.
Did I mention that the email came with a powerpoint slideshow instead of simple directions because apparently people aren’t capable of following directions without pictures?  Wow!

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