Music Monday – See the Little People

A blog post yesterday, “Small courtesies were the lubricants of daily life…“, discussed the feelings some have of being above others and that they don’t feel it necessary to practice small courtesies when dealing with those who are beneath them.

This Music Monday is inspired by that blog post and gives us the following lines:

Take a step back and see the little people
They might be young
But they’re the ones
that make the big people big

Aside from suggesting that we stop walking around with our noses in the air, avoiding eye contact, and pretending there are people not worthy of our notice, it leads to the following question:  How big would you be without the little people?  Aside from not having little people to make you look big by comparison, there’s a good chance that it is those little people who do a lot of the work that would prevent you from feeling so haughty.  What if you had to take your own garbage to a dump, unclog your own sewers, fix your own cars, make your own meals, clean your own homes…or even build them, clean your own floors and bathrooms at work, etc.  There are a lot of little people doing jobs the big people would never want to do, much less be spotted doing.  The big people are only big because of the little people providing them the means to be big by buying what they’re selling…material or idealogical.

So here’s my message:  Little people, stop making the big people big!

Here’s Moving Pictures with “What About Me”


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