Music Monday – Ridin’ the storm out

This week was going to be Halloween focused with some Alice Cooper feeding his Frankenstein and Monster Mashes and such, but with Sandy bearing down on the Atlantic coast, I’ve changed themes.

We’re talking about storms now…

The wind outside is frightening,
But it’s kinder than the lightning…

On the back side of Sandy now, we’re joining REO Speedwagon in “Ridin’ The Storm Out”.

We’ve got a low pressure system and a northeast breeze
We’ve got a falling barometer and rising seas
We’ve got the cumulonimbus and a possible gale
We’ve got a force nine blowing on the Beaufort scale

I know there are folks out there who actually got hurricane strength winds from Sandy, but as far as I can tell, we didn’t really get much more than the force nine Billy Joel mentioned in “Storm Front“, the title track off his album from 1989.


It’s early morning
The sun comes out
Last night was shaking
And pretty loud

And, of course, this Scorps classic had to be here.


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