Music Monday – Slippery When Wet

I finally found at work about two months ago when started having bandwidth problems and because I’m too cheap to pay Pandora to get more than the 40 hours of free music a month.  My first iHeartRadio station, naturally, was their 80s station.  Awesome!  I also played their 60s station, Bluestown, and Jammin’ Oldies.

A couple weeks ago, I saw Slippery When Wet in the station list.  Bon Jovi being my favorite band, I checked it out.  It plays hair, flair, classic metal, 80s hard, heavy and speed metal, among other rock types.  There’s plenty of Crue, Priest, Maiden, Ozzy, Cinderella, Rush, Sammy, Ratt, and, of course, Bon Jovi.  Dokken, Sabbath, Dio, Scorps, Leppard, and Riot also get lots of play.  So far, I’ve also learned that Queen and Styx are verboten because the Classic Rock station plays them to death. Grunge doesn’t make the list either.

How’d I get some of the specifics?  While listening to the broadcast, a “commercial” came on letting listeners know that they could become friends with Slippery When Wet through Facebook and make requests “like this instant Facebook request.”  Really?  Yep.  I hit Facebook, searched for Slippery When Wet, liked the page, and submitted a request.  I logged out of Facebook and was expecting to wait for a while, but as soon as the song that had already been playing finished, my request hit the airwaves.  I was stoked.  Talk about responsive to his listeners.  I logged back into Facebook and he’d commented on my request, welcoming me to Slippery When Wet and told me that he tries to respond as quickly as possible unless work pulls him away.  [At this point, I’m not sure if he somehow manages to run this stati0n while holding down some other full-time job or if he’s in the music business.]  I was hooked.  I posted a status update about the station and how cool it is.

So, about the specifics…  I made a few requests and learned about the classic rock prohibition.  I made a few more requests and asked a few questions.  He played “See You In Hell” in response to my request for Grim Reaper, played Slade’s “Run Runaway”, said Damn Yankees was good in response to my request for Styx.  He didn’t have Cinderella’s “Through the Rain”, but he played “Bad Seamstress Blues/Fallin’ Apart at the Seams“. He didn’t have Zed Yago, but hooked me up when I asked for Steelheart’s “I’ll Never Let You Go”.

Honestly, I don’t know if the person answering the requests on Facebook is a guy or a girl or a group of folks, but the announcer’s voice on the commercials is male and it’s that voice I hear when I’m reading the comments/posts on the Facebook page.

If you like metal, hard rock, and hair/flair/glamour rock, give Slippery When Wet radio a listen on iHeartRadio.  You’ll probably like it!


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