Music Monday – Knowledge is King

For the weak who seek power it’ll bring
Infallible power
Knowledge is king

Kool Moe Dee presented a strong message back in 1989 when he released this album and it is still relevant and powerful today, especially as our politics gets worse and worse while the world gets more and more dangerous, and too much of what gets pumped into our and our kids’ ears is such “insipid, inane, crass” garbage being made by money-grubbing chumps who don’t care about the consequences of the filth and hate they spew.

Want to be a star
Drive a big car
Live bourgeios
And don’t know who you are
Lost in the source
And praising the dollar

Without advocating rebellion and criminal activity, Kool Moe Dee questioned the wisdom of following leaders blindly.  As the theme of the songs, he suggests gaining knowledge as a means to stop becoming lemmings.  Learn what motivates the “rulers” or those who aspire to be your “rulers”

It’s not everyday you can mix Kool Moe Dee with Schoolhouse Rock!, but while they had different target audiences, they both had the same message that is found in one of the Schoolhouse Rock! jingles:  “It’s great to learn Cause knowledge is power!”

Here’s Knowledge is King by Kool Moe Dee.  Enjoy it, grok his message, empower yourself!


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