Music Monday – The More Things Change

This week’s post is inspired by high school class reunions…

I attended my wife’s Nth class reunion this weekend.  While it wasn’t the most exciting time for me, she had fun meeting up with a bunch of folks she hadn’t seen in a while.  I had more fun on the ride home listening to her talk about everyone.  Who’d done this or that since high school, who was still a bitch, and who thought they looked good, but really didn’t.  Probably the same stuff everyone else was talking about on their rides home.  Being the wallflower all night, I got to watch people faces change from talking to someone’s face to snarling once they turned around.  Sad.
The more things change
the more they stay the same.
Everyone’s your brother till you turn the other way.
Thinking about that made me think of this song.  It doesn’t matter how much time goes by, people are who they are.  Most aren’t capable of changing even if they had an epiphany and realized how much of a turd they were.  Time may go by, but people stay pretty much the same, regardless of how their life has gone, for better or worse.

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