The Introvert…a.k.a. The Wallflower

You knew them in high school or college, or, rather, you knew who they were.  You probably didn’t know them unless you befriended them or they were somehow forced into interacting with you because they were in your group in class or on your sports team. Yes, introverts play sports. Some are actually leaders on the teams, silently or otherwise.  Some are actually big players in business and others are great speakers, but when not in front of the crowd for a purpose, they are more comfortable within their much smaller, tight-knit groups.

Socially awkward is a term thrown around a lot, but that is the stereotype -the shy person who doesn’t know how to act in groups. This is not necessarily the case. Most introverts are perfectly capable of fitting in. Often, though, they may come off as awkward because they don’t speak up. While folks may find this confusing, it’s simply because they don’t have anything to contribute.

Among their friends, introverts talk and joke and act stupid like everyone else. They listen to the same music, watch the same shows, play and watch the same sports.  They do crafts, go camping, etc.  You get the idea.

In social events, they are perfectly happy sitting along the wall, watching what’s going on, calmly waiting for the event to end.  They’ll speak to most anyone who approaches them and initiates contact, but if no one approaches, watching a TV, or watching people, or composing this a blog post passes the time just as well.


3 Responses

  1. I’m usually perfectly happy saying nothing (I’m an awkward talker, don’t really feel the need to say words in groups just to say words in groups), but sometimes I get the feeling my desire to be a casual listener/observer makes people uncomfortable. “Why are you so quiet?!” they want to know. “Why should I talk?” I want to say (but don’t).

    • My wife’s friends used to tell her that I was standoffish or conceited because I wouldn’t talk to them/anyone when we’d go to parties or events with her sorority. They mistook my being introverted and being perfectly happy keeping myself company with not finding anyone worth talking to. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t find most of the folks at these gatherings worth talking to, but had anyone approached me, I’d have had a perfectly sociable conversation.

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