Road Hazards

File this under “crap that pisses me off.”

Road Hazard

Last night, I got home to find one of our van’s rear tires flat…we’re talking rim to the ground flat.  After fighting the jack out of the van and nearly popping a hernia getting the lug nuts off, I put the spare on, and inspected the flat as I put it in the back of the van.  There was a shard of metal about an inch wide embedded in the tire, right through the tread.  [I have no idea how long it is…Firestone is repairing the tire as I type this up in their waiting room.]

I went in the house to wash up and told my wife what I’d found.  She told me that she’d driven through an area where construction was going on.

Now this is what burns my butt:  We can’t sue for repair costs when the company our government has hired to “fix” our roads leaves debris all over the road that punctures our tires or gets thrown up and cracks windshields, but if we don’t shovel off our sidewalks, folks could sue us for slip and fall accidents on the public sidewalk in front of our houses.

On a slight tangent, I’m not sure why we think everyone should know how to change a tire. I’m not a weakling by any means…I actually have a pretty strong lower back and legs, but if I’d had any less strength, I’d not have been able to loosen and remove the lug nuts. My wife would have had to call for help and/or a tow.

Last second update:  The picture is what Firestone pulled out of the tire.  Apparently, it’s just big enough to require replacing the tire.  Luckily, it’s under warranty.


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