People of Food Lion

We’ve all seen the emails that float around the Internet showing the crazy and degenerate folks shopping at Wal-Mart.  I don’t know if Wally World was at max capacity and had to turn folks away, but it looks like a few of the loons have escaped.

Maybe I’ve just not noticed before, but as I sat in my car waiting for my wife to come out of the Food Lion, I got to see an older lady sitting in her car with dogs yapping at everyone who passed by.  She eventually got out of the car, coated in a sheen of sweat, with one dog.   She looked around for a few seconds, then went around to the other side of her car, opened the back door and leaned in for a few minutes.  When she closed the door, she had five ankle-biters leashed up, and began zombie-shuffling around…away from the car, then back to it, away from the car, then back to it…pausing now and then to look around.  During all the shuffling, the ankle-biters were barking at all the passersby, but at least they weren’t pulling on old zombie shuffle.  Somehow I missed her getting back in her car and driving off or being driven off by someone who’d been shopping.  This was a perfect example of dogs not knowing or caring just how crazy their owners are…as long as they get to ride around in cars.

I must have been distracted by the turd bag walking down the middle of the street in her gray fleece sweat pants with pink, ribbed wife husband beater, and flip-flops, smoking a cigarette.  She had the general air of the Queen of the Trailer Park.  While I’m constantly surprised at It amazes me I find it disturbing what people will wear out in public…not because I think people shouldn’t be comfortable, but because it shows such low self-esteem.  People have no pride in their appearance.  Or, maybe I’m wrong, and it took this lady all day to pick out this special set of clothes for her trip to Food Lion.  Her garb isn’t what put her in this post with the turd bag label, though.  The fact that she got near the door and chucked her still lit cigarette to the curb in front of the building is what earned her that moniker.  I’ve posted before about smoker stench, but this is waaaaay beyond that.  I abhor smokers who think the world is their ashtray, and the argument that the butts are biodegradable is pathetic.  How about if we all dump our banana peels and orange rinds and the food that was headed for the trash in their yards because it will biodegrade over time?

I could go on about the ladies who brought their kids to the store to help them carry out their highfaluting beverages like Busch (yes, apparently they still make it) and Bud Light, and the pair of ladies who pulled up into the handicap parking place, hung the handicap hanger from the rear view mirror, then walked into the store with not-so-much as a limp, but these do really happen everywhere.

Unfortunately, I was caught off guard at Food Lion or I might have had my camera out and ready to catch these People of Food Lion in action.  Maybe next time.



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  1. Just want to make a note, often, people who have a handicapped tag have an illness that does not show on the outside, but makes them weak and unable to walk long distances regardless. My sister-in-law, for instance, has had numerous heart and back surgeries, yet people denigrate her for using her tag to park where she is legitimately allowed to park.

    • I know there are folks who don’t appear to have handicaps that legitimately have the window-hangers, but I also know there are a lot of folks who aren’t handicapped who use those spots because the vehicle has those plates or the window hanger and they are just lazy.

      It’s unfortunate that, much like everything else, the ones who take advantage and abuse the system cast shadows on those who are using it the way it was intended.

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