Music Monday – No More Words…or Fantastic Instrumentals

After the opening ceremony of the Olympic Summer Games in London on Friday, a friend suggested I should include “Chariots of Fire” on Music Monday.  I thought about how to do that and decided that instrumentals was a good way to do it.  Instrumentals frequently seem to get ignored unless they are Oscar nominees for best song, but there are some really good ones out there.

Chariots of Fire (from the movie of the same name) is certainly one of the great, recognizable instrumentals from film and, since it was requested, I’ll start off with it.


Another great movie instrumental, this one actually got a pretty good amount of radio airplay due to its association with a pretty big movie, Beverly Hills Cop.  Here’s Harold Faltermeyer’s Axel F.


From a cop movie to my favorite cop TV show, Miami Vice.  While Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice Theme may be much more recognized, I think Crockett’s Theme, also by Hammer, is a better musical piece.


Back to Harold Faltermeyer, we have my favorite movie instrumental.  I love to crank this up on a good system.  Awesome!  Here’s the Top Gun Anthem.


On to a couple instrumentals that aren’t from TV or movies:


Chuck Mangione is an incredibly talented musician and composer.  Here’s Feels So Good…a tune you may recognize.


Lastly, here’s my favorite reggae band, UB40 with Dance With The Devil.


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