Vacation 2012 – Avon – Day Eight – “The Departure”

Day Eights itinerary:  load vehicles, pull chocks, head home

Caeli and Jameson('s nose)Kelsi and Juliet
We got up not much after the normal “vacation time” of six and took the dogs out, put some coffee on, and went to work finishing up packing.  That didn’t take long since we’d started the night before so while the final things were being packed, like the refrigerator stuff, toiletries, etc., I began to load up the van and my father in-law began loading his truck.  Once everything was just about loaded, I quickly took a shower (it’s how I start my day and I had a decent sweat going from loading the van in the heat and humidity), dressed in the clothes I’d kept out, and got everyone in the van.  About eight, we told my wife’s parents that we’d meet them at the Morning View Coffee House & Roastery and then headed out  with them only a minute or so behind.

As we headed out, in a light rain, but foreboding clouds on the horizon, we were greeted with a rainbow.  It was like Mother Nature saying “Hope you had a good time, thanks for visiting, safe travels!”

One last sign of Mother Nature showing us some love…as we headed across the last bridge from the Hatteras area into Nags Head, the dark clouds parted, letting the sun shine down along our path.

Exploiting The Breach

  A few minutes later and about an hour after leaving the cottage, we’d passed the rain and clouds completely and pulled into the Morning View Coffee House…perfectly timed for a fill up with great coffee.  We were back on the road within ten minutes and were home before noon.

We had a few issues with spiders bites, burns, and dogs getting sick from eating unknown pills, but overall, we had a great trip.  The bouts of rain and thunderstorms were brief or late so they didn’t interfere with our activities.  The food, for the most part, was very good, and the company was superb.


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