Suing Arizona

Opponents of the Arizona immigration law are trying to sue over it again, claiming it will lead to racial profiling.

How so?  They can’t just pull them over to ask for ID.  That was shot down.  If they pull someone over/arrest someone/charge them with a crime and then have reason to believe they are here illegally…say…because they don’t have a driver’s license or other valid and acceptable form of ID, they can then ask them to provide proof that they are here legally.  Seems perfectly acceptable to me.

Of course, the naysayers swear that the Arizona cops will now start racially profile Mexican/hispanic-looking folks to charge with whatever they can so they can then ask them for proof of citizenship/immigration status.  Let’s be real, folks…it’s already happening, right?  This doesn’t really change anything other than making it an official law that the police are to take that further step to verify the individual’s right to be in state/country.

Police everywhere already pull folks over based on “driving too close to the center line” or failing to signal properly when turning or changing lanes or whatever to pull people over if they have a feeling they’ve been drinking or that they are acting suspiciously or if the cops are just bored and feel like harassing someone.  Let’s not pretend this doesn’t happen.  It does.  Maybe not everyday and certainly not all the cops do it, but it happens.

Let’s take it a step further and admit that people have prejudices.  Not all folks have them, and not all that do act on them or will ever admit they have them, but they are there and that factors into who cops pull over or stop on the street.  That doesn’t mean “the cops” –as in ALL cops or even whole police departments– are racially profiling.

What would be a grand idea now that the Supreme Court didn’t strike down this provision of the Arizona law, would be to let the police in that state do their thing in complying with the new law and see if it leads to any more racial profiling than is already happening.

Of course, it would also be nice to see the federal government do their part in enforcing our laws…all our laws…so states don’t feel compelled to enact their own.


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