Vacation 2012 – Avon – Day Four – “Best Day Ever!”

Day Four’s itinerary: yoga, live band and BBQ at Beach Klub at Koru Village in the evening

So, what happened was…we didn’t make yoga again.  A storm blew through in the middle of the night and our cowardly elder wiener started acting really stupid.  He was whining, scratching at the door to get out of the room, trying to jump up on the bed, and, generally, just being a pain in the butt.  Even locked in his crate, he was whiny and noisy.  This seemed to go on forever, but I’m sure it was probably really only fifteen to thirty minutes.  Long enough, though, that my wife moved to the room with the girls to get away from his whining and slept in well past time to make it to yoga.  Maybe we’ll try to make it tomorrow…maybe.

While my wife was still in bed, I took my second cup of coffee and the girls to the hot tub.  While not the most peaceful and relaxing time in the hot tub with an eleven and a nine year old, it was certainly better than being at work. 🙂

Eventually, we’d all gotten up and eaten whatever breakfast we wanted and had decided on going to the Haulover or Canadian Hole or whatever.  I’m not really sure of those are the same place or two different places, but we hit a really small beach on the sound just a bit further south than Avon.  While the sound doesn’t have the same sort of tide and waves as the ocean, down here in the Hatteras area the wind blows almost constantly, causing a choppy, wave effect on the water.  The water is shallow for a long way out which is great for a lot of the water sports because it provides enough depth to do most of the actual sporting, while being shallow enough to allow standing (vs. treading water) to mount and dismount the equipment.  Without any of our own sporting equipment, though, the girls got bored quickly and we left for the pool.

We (my wife and I) checked into the pool at Beach Klub at Koru Village and left the girls and their grandparents there while we walked next door to the Atlantic Coast Cafe to grab some food to bring back to the pool.  In about fifteen minutes, we had our food and were headed back to the pool.  The food was very tasty and everyone was happy.  We spent another thirty minutes or so at the pool before heading back to the cottage to clean up.

Sunset Wheat with two margaritasWe took our time getting cleaned up (including a little beveragification time on the deck) and were ready to head out to hit a few stores about four  o’clock.  We hit the Dollar Tree -I’m not sure why, Island Spice and Wine -relatively small selection of mostly expensive wines, then a small knick-knack shop and an art shop/design your own art shop, before hitting Uglie Mugs again.  Today, I just tried their Tortuga’s Lie coffee which is supposed to be a dark roast.  It was tasty, but not as tasty as the Dane Bramage.  We started heading back toward the Koru Beach Club and got sidetracked by a nifty little crappity store called The Fisherman’s Daughter.  It had one floor with a small selection of women’s apparel, jewelry, Vera Bradley stuff, and a tiny fingernail parlor.  The second floor has a bunch of home decor stuff, including a Christmas decoration section.  Nearing six o’clock, and raining fairly hard, we left the store and headed back to the Koru Beach Club to see what was going on with the Tuesday evening performance and BBQ and found the parking lot nearly empty, which wasn’t really all that surprising considering the weather.

We turned around and headed to Oceana’s Bistro, a little restaurant about which my wife’s mom had heard great things.  We were told the wait would be around thirty minutes, but it ended up being closer to fifteen.  I had a Kona Brewing Company Fire Rock Pale Ale (very yummy), my wife had a five dollar margarita, and my mother in-law had an Old Fashioned.  Mom in-law raved about her drink.  Because it was Taco Tuesday, the tacos were only one dollar a piece and the girls were happy to have two or three a piece as their meals.  For dessert, everyone shared the funnel fries and a piece of chocolate peanut butter pie.  Mom in-law claimed the funnel fries were the best thing she’d ever eaten.

The greatness of my mother in-law’s day became a bit of a joke as she had previously found a shirt she really liked, loved the Old Fashoined drink, and now the funnel fries.  “It’s been the best day ever,” she told us.

We got back to the cottage, spent a little time watching some TV and the lightning through the back doors before heading to bed.  Hopefully, the storm will stop soon so the stupid elder dog will not keep us awake tonight.


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