Vacation 2012 – Avon – Day Two

Day Two’s itinerary: breakfast, pool, where the day takes us

morning coffee on the deckWe were up at six to take the dogs out for their morning walk and then feeding and just stayed up after that.  Got some coffee and sat out back on the deck for a while.  Eventually, my wife’s dad joined us and then the girls woke up so we had breakfast and then started getting ready for the pool.

Koru Beach Club poolSandwiches packed, waters made, Capri-Suns in the cooler and sunscreen sprayed/slathered on…time to hit the pool at the Beach Klub at Koru Village.  We arrived just after the pool opened and there was only one other family there so we had pretty much any chairs we wanted.  By the time I had my shoes and shirt off and was ready to sit down, the girls were already in the pool playing with the other kids.  Isn’t it amazing how kids can do that?  We hung out at the pool for a few hours, catching rays, playing in the pool, and eating the sandwiches we made.

We got back to the cottage and took our time getting cleaned up before heading out to Uglie Mugs, one of the local coffee shops.  The shop is fairly small, with not a lot of space for even a line to form in the room with the menu, but it also has a small ice cream case and bead store in the back.  Most importantly, though, their coffee/coffee drinks are great.  I had one that they call Dane Bramage (four shots of espresso, steamed half and half, and vanilla flavor) over ice…it was so yummy that since I finished it before the girls finished their ice creams, I got a second.  Did I already say Yum???  I think I’ll be back there a few more times this week.

From there we headed toward Rodanthe and found ourselves at Kittyhawk Kites watching folks kite boarding.  It looks really cool and my wife and I thought we’d like to give it a shot, but after talking to a couple folks who’ve done it, we decided that our money-to-fun value will probably be better served by renting wave runners instead.  We’ve been told that unless we were willing to dedicate a lot of time to learning how to do it and practicing to get to the skill level to really enjoy it.

on the deck at sunsetFrom watching the kite boarders, we went upstairs to Good Winds to grab an appetizer and a drink.  We were all much more impressed with the food and beverage quality there than at The Froggy Dog.  It also had a great view overlooking the sound and the kite boarders.

We headed back to the cottage, but got sidetracked down a few roads looking at the other cottages and lots available to rent and/or buy..not that we’ve got the money to purchase, but it’s fun to imagine we do sometimes.  We eventually made it back to the cottage, fed the dogs, had a little mead on the deck, and then walked to the beach, finding our way back just as the sun was setting.

A little after eight, we decided it was time to order a pizza only to find that we can’t make phone calls from the land line in the cottage.  Since we have very poor mobile connectivity, my wife and I headed to Nino’s Pizza to get a pizza and some wings to go.  They didn’t quite get the order right.  Of course, I didn’t find that out until we got back to the cottage.  Since we didn’t pay for the wrong thing, we decided to just eat what we got…which was crap.  Talk about a horrible eating experience.  The half of the pizza that was pepperoni might have had six or seven slices of pepperoni…on the entire half of the large pizza.  Very sad.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the taste of the pizza was unimpressive, as well.  We’d have been better off hitting Food Lion, getting a couple of their frozen pizzas, and cooking them ourselves.  The hot wings were also bad.  Their breading was crunchy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but, inside the breading, the chicken had been shriveled away to almost nothing.  The only thing good about the hot wings was that they did actually have a little heat to them.  If you find yourself in Avon, I’d recommend avoiding Nino’s Pizza.

At that point, it was already late so it wasn’t long before everyone headed to bed.

on the beach at sunset


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