I’ve got a man-crush on Howard Schultz

Not really, but I do so love how he leads Starbucks …and I thought that would catch your attention.

For a long time, Starbucks has been a fantastic company:  The first to offer health benefits to part-time workers, a champion for fair trade coffee, environmentally friendly and committed to being more so in the future, commitment to the communities they serve, etc.

An article in the NY Times, For Ohio Pottery, a Small Revival,  has the following quote by Howard Schultz on not waiting on the government to “create jobs”.
“We are on the hunt for other domestic opportunities for products we sell and other things we do,” said Howard D. Schultz, chief executive of Starbucks. “There has to be a sense of urgency about action, and since we’re not likely to find it in Washington between now and the election, it’s time for companies and businesses to step up and find a balance between profitability and responsibility.”

Create Jobs For USA wristband
Well, Starbucks is stepping up and putting their money where their mouth is.  The previously mentioned article is about Starbucks deal with American Mug and Stein Company to make the mugs they are selling in their stores with the word INDIVISIBLE on them rather than buying cheaper mugs made overseas.
Also, along those lines, Starbucks had teamed with the Opportunity Finance Network to help Create Jobs for USA.  For as little as $5, you can purchase a red, white, and blue wristband with the word INDIVISIBLE on it and 100% of that donation goes to the Opportunity Finance Network, .  You can go online  the Create Jobs for USA website to donate or walk into a Starbucks store and donate up to $249.99.  Check out their Success Stories.
I’m in.  That’s my hand and wristband to the right.  Let’s stop waiting for the government to create jobs, especially since that’s not really their function anyway.  They need to focus on better enabling the businesses in this country to hire and thrive within our borders.  In the meantime, we can invest small amounts ($5 is pretty small, right?) of our own money to help companies like Starbucks and the Opportunity Finance Network to build our country back up and put people back to work.

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