Music Monday – Getting Untangled

I’m sure there are other songs out there that make reference to untangling, but the two that come to mind that are the focus of this week’s post are Clint Black’s “Untangling My Mind” and Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper” –both songs about moving on.
I love the line in Lovato’s song:

“As the smoke clears, I awaken and untangle you from me.”

This gets to the heart of why breakups, amicable or not, are so difficult.  In relationships, our lives wind around each other.  We buy things together, with each other, for each other, including living creatures.  We have children.  We have friends that we bring to the relationships that become friends with our partners and we make new friends as couples.  Figuring out who gets which stuff, custody arrangements for children and pets, and who gets to remain friends with which friends…and should all ties with mutual friends be severed on Facebook?  It’s messy.
Clint Black’s “Untangling My Mind” is sung from the viewpoint of the person in the relationship who claims he’s been driven crazy by his partner.  It sounds like there have been problems in the relationship for a while.  Sad and confused, he’s finally packed up and moving on, leaving her to get on with better things in her life, while he disappears to find some place to figure out what happened and get over her.
One of my favorite songs by Clint Black, here’s “Untangling My Mind”…

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