Prisoners’ Rights: A Huge Money Sinkhole

To help cover the ridiculous burden on the taxpayers that the just upheld (un)Affordable Care Act, I propose we reform the prison system. Currently, our inmates, all too often, have better care, more amenities, and guaranteed food and shelter.

Our system is based on the ability to reform an inmate…to transform that inmate into a productive, law-abiding member of society. In reality, the percentage of repeat guests is far too high to claim this a reformative system.

Why should those guests choose to go straight? In the clink they get three hots and a cot, free TV, exercise time, and free college courses -some leave prison with degrees, among other things. And if they don’t like something, they are allowed to sue the govrnment…the one that comes to mind is the lawsuit over the type of peanut butter served in the chow hall. I kid you not. And whether the suit was successful isn’t the point. That inmate should have never had the chance to sue.

Our current administration and a lot of the country want to turn us into a more socialized society because it works so well in Europe. How about we pattern our prison system after them and make the stay at the Penal Hilton more of a punishment to where the guests are less willing to return.

Before long, criminals will be able to sue you when they break a nail burgling your home and the fidiots in the jury box will invite you to stay at the Penal Hilton for it.


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