I’ll Keep My Change, Thanks!

Well, the Supreme Court of the U.S. upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act this morning, which I mentioned not being a fan of in a previous post.  Not all the pieces and not necessarily in the way it was written.  I’m not a lawyer and I’ve not read the law myself, but based on all the news I’ve seen and read about the law, the government cannot force you to buy insurance, but they can tax you if you don’t.  Yes, tax…precisely what the President and his PPACA champions swore it wasn’t.  The law may not call it that, but it is the only reason that the Chief Justice voted to uphold it…because, as he sees it, the penalty is effectively a tax, which the Congress does have the Constitutional authority to enact.

One fidiot on camera outside the courthouse said something like “the government requires us to buy auto insurance, so why can’t they require us to buy health insurance?”  Two points here, dumb ass:  If you don’t want to have to buy auto insurance, you don’t have to own an auto, and (here’s the biggie) the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT isn’t forcing you to buy auto insurance.  That’s done at the state level.

This law is going to cost most of us bunches of money, between increased costs of insurance premiums, the costs that will be passed on to the patients when the newly empowered insurance companies choose not to pay for  procedure, and the other costs and taxes we’ll see increased and levied to help cover the Ginormous cost of this wannabe socialized medicine system.

But now that everyone will have “affordable care” I shouldn’t see anymore jars asking for donations on counters at 7-11s or other businesses with a picture of “Poor Little <insert child’s name>” who has <insert illness/condition> and needs an operation/treatment that costs a lot of money and the parents can’t afford, right?  Because this law makes that care affordable.  Because this law is going to prevent all the bankruptcies due to medical care costs.

Soooo……since the government has just saved all of us by providing more “affordable care”, I’ll just keep the change that I may have previously dropped into those jars in my pocket so I can “afford” my increased costs.


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  1. Very good points! Speaking n behalf of baby boomers…the elderly is screwed. Compare it to car Maintenon…example an average break job will cost 4 hours of labor. Regardless of what it takes in reality. If an elderly patient needs a pace maker but doesn’t meet the requirements they will be turned away due to age, lifestyle etc….Regardless of insurance, Medicare coverage. The baby boomers who are the largest demographic in history just got a death sentence in their golden years depending in the black and white rules the govt will put in place.

    Also, for average people with average medical needs, with these changes “quality of care” just got cut in half and doctors are not happy they will be very limited to care that will be paid for, drugs they can give, treatment options extremely limited on many levels. I am sure doctors cannot be forced to participate as they are business owners who can choose to be a “private pay practice” themselves excluding insurance and medicare/medicaid patients like it is currently.. So the increased costs do not mean better utopian care for everyone or even average care….hospitals have always been mandated to treat EVERYONE regardless of no insurance so basic care in over burdened health care just got interesting. Docors just got a serious pay cut, we just got a serious increase and we’ve decided to kill off the elderly. Nice. And this is just the beginning…

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