Healthcare: My Two Cents

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a fan of President Obama’s healthcare law.  I pay for my own healthcare and am, more or less, happy with my coverage.  I don’t want to pay for everyone’s healthcare.  I think it’s quite ironic that Obama called it the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The only folks for whom it is/will be affordable are the poor.  Yep.  I went there.  The rest of us are footing the bill.  Yes, I’ve heard the argument about how much of our tax money goes to covering bills not paid by those who can’t afford it.

What we (yes, we…we as a country elected the fidiots in Congress and the Oval Office who passed the law) voted for is the first step down the path toward socialized medicine.  As a kid, I thought it was cool that old folks in Germany could get a “prescription” for a vacation to a sunny seaside town.  Older me realizes that they pay butt loads more in taxes than we do and we Americans already bitch about and try to find every loophole to avoid giving up our money to the government.  Why do we not like giving it up?  Because the folks who decide how to spend that money are, on a large scale, slime bag career politicians who care more for getting re-elected than for doing what is right.

Why does medical care cost so much? Because of the ridiculous lawsuits brought against hospitals and the sky high cost of malpractice insurance.  Sure, new equipment, staff salaries, and facilities expansion and maintenance cost money, as well, but those can be accounted for like other businesses.  It’s the “my husband came to the ER, bleeding to death from his missing arm that our illegal pet Bengal tiger had torn off and munched on, and your doctor couldn’t stop the bleeding and reattach his arm quickly enough and my husband died” lawsuits…and amazingly, a jury will award the dumb asses a ridiculously large settlement.

The purpose of the law isn’t really to make health care affordable.  It is to make health insurance affordable and available…and mandatory.  If they had really wanted to make changes to bring down costs of health care, the politicians would have tackled the ridiculous lawsuits and looked at how to overhaul our legal system, specifically the civil suits and insurance.  Of course, not much chance of that happening when lots of these career politicians were lawyers, right?

Did/does the health care industry need an overhaul? Yes, but this law was not what we needed.  There are parts that are good, and the intent to make health care affordable was right, but its implementation is poor and it causes/will cause as many or more problems than it solves.

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