Project 366 – Changing the Game Plan

Back in early May, I posted an update on my Project 366 called Playing Catch-up or Dontcha Hate It When You Bite Off More Than You Can Chew.  In that post, I mentioned that I’d been doing pretty well with the Project until I also took on the April Poem-A-Day (PAD) Challenge.  During April, my “official” Project 366 posts on this site fell off dramatically in favor of the shorter term PAD which I did complete with poems that I posted to my writing blog Wanna Get Published, Write!.  Sadly, since that update, I didn’t jump right back on the horse and get back to posting daily.  I have been doing more fiction writing, though.  Again, that gets posted on the writing blog, so according to my Project 366 plan at the beginning of the year, it wouldn’t count.

Weeellllllll, I’m changing my plan.  My goal for Project 366 will be to accomplish more than 366 posts between both of my blogs.  Not counting this post, I’ve made 124 posts on this blog  and 73 on Wanna Get Published, Write! for a total of 197 posts so far, which puts me ahead 164, the number of days this year.  I plan on getting busier on this blog, but don’t think I can make up the 40 posts on this blog while also continuing to write poems and fiction for the other blog.  Who knows?  I suppose it’s possible, but it’s very unlikely.  Maybe I can narrow the gap.  Ultimately, though, as long as my total for the year exceeds 366 posts between the two blogs, I’ll feel pretty good.


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