O Fortuna!

Okay.  I’ll admit I don’t get the whole flash mob thing.  The pre-coordinated dance groups that, as portrayed in TV shows, have hundreds of folks wandering around “inconspicuously” until the appointed time where they all shed their overcoats and dance or sing or both.  I guess it’s called a flash mob because most of the non-participants in the area don’t have a clue that they are in for a show.

We’ve seen any number of these dancing and singing ones in America, mostly to pop and dance songs.  Today, though, I saw the coolest one yet.  It was shared by a writer friend on Facebook and I immediately had to share it because, it is a flash mob that includes multiple instruments showing up “on stage” as well as the singers/crowd, and some folks dancing…and, it’s to O Fortuna from Carmina Burana.  If you don’t know the name, you’ll probably recognize the music/song from it being played in numerous movies when they need a climactic battle scene for a fantasy setting.

Check out the Carmina Burana Flash Mob at the Wien Westbahnhof in Vienna, Austria:

That is one flash mob I would have loved to have witnessed personally.  Thankfully, we have the Internet!


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