Drogba is a Class Act

I know there are plenty of folks who don’t like Didier Drogba…and there may be plenty of Chelsea fans who don’t like that he’s retiring and many who really won’t like it if he ends up with a club playing against them, but all things considered, he’s proven himself to be a class act.

It may have warranted an eye roll when he announced earlier this year that he was pretty much willing to go wherever he was offered the most money this summer when his contract with Chelsea is up, but he made his announcement and that was that.  He didn’t expect Chelsea to be the highest bidder and since the announcement of looking for the money, I’ve not seen an article about his departure until this week…after putting in the equalizer and then the winning goal in the shootout for the UEFA Champions League final.  Now his departure is all over the news.

Back to being a class act, though.  When asked about leaving after helping Chelsea win the Champions League title and receiving the Man of the Match, he blew off the question and had nothing but praise and joy for his team…that they’d endured a long season, a tough season where they changed managers midway through, that they’d turned things around with the new manager, that they accomplished the unexpected in beating defending Champions League champs FC Barcelona and then taken the title when considered the underdogs.  There was no me in his words or his manner, because he’s still a Blue.

Need more proof, here’s a quote from his interview with the BBC on the subject of Fernando Torres:

“It’s been difficult for him [Torres], but he has showed he is the man.  Next season is going to be his season and I will try to speak to him. We have a good relationship. We don’t understand why we didn’t play together more, but that’s the past. Torres is the future.”

Still no “I’m the man and they’re going to have a tough time replacing me.”  It’s about what the club means to him and how the much maligned Torres is coming along and needs to be supported and that he expects good things from him.

I can’t say I’ve not seen games where he seemed to be ‘diving’ or where he’s committed some overly aggressive fouls, but for the most part, he played hard, but fair for Chelsea for the whole eight years he was there.  He’ll be missed by the Blues!


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