Making Time


See?  I just did it.  I made time.

Okay…not really, but I am making use of otherwise idle time to write this post.

Wouldn’t it be great, though, to be able to actually make time.  No more missed appointments or late work.  Clock speeding along too fast?  No problem.  Bam, and like a video game, you suddenly have more time on the clock.

I don’t really have a problem making my appointments and finishing work in a timely manner. The ability to make time would be fantastically beneficial on weeknights when I’ve spent the evening wasting time in front of the TV watching crappy shows rather than writing. I could get done with the TV watching, then create extra time to write…and with that extra time, maybe I could write some TV shows that have plots and dialogue that don’t make folks cringe or laugh at their god-awfulness.

I’m sure there’s some scientific explanation for why I can’t make time, so maybe I could time travel…watch TV, then go back about three hours, and spend those three hours again…writing this time.

Of course, I suppose I could just stop watching so much TV and spend more of the time I do have writing. That would be easier.


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