Kreativ Blogger Awa…err, Web Circle

According to the majority of the sources I’ve found, the Kreativ Blogger Award began simply as Kreativ Blogger when Norwegian Husfrauas Memoarer came up with the idea to create a web circle of sorts in May 2008.  Why does her nationality matter?  Simply because it explains the spelling of Kreativ.  She created the original logo by cutting and piecing together fabric (below right) and gave it to four fellow bloggers.  I say again, I can find no definitive, primary source on this, just what I’ve found on other bloggers’ posts about the Award.

The design of the logo has since changed, including the addition of ‘Award.’  It is really still more of a web circle as bloggers who’ve received the “nomination” accept the award by creating a post (which I’m doing now) in which they thank the person who nominated them (thanks Drow Queen), list ten things about themselves, and then list bloggers (I’ve read this is supposed to be as many as six) to “nominate” (both of these lists are below).

Original Kreativ Blogger logo Current Kreativ Blogger Award logo

Ten Things About Lorwynd

1. I’m a guy
2. I’m a married guy
3. I’m a married guy with kids
Are these supposed to be interesting things about me?  Let’s try again…

1. I am married to my anam cara and best friend (yes, they are the same person) and we have two (mostly) wonderful children.  Of course, if you’ve read my blog at all, you likely already know this.

2. I Love Soccer!  –I love playing it, watching it, coaching it, reading about it…again, you may already know this.

3. I’m the best singer in the world…with my radio blasting and the car windows up.  I love music and my favorite artists include Bon Jovi, George Michael, Keith Sweat, UB40, Billy Joel, Chicago (70’s version please–want the horns), Elton John, KISS, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.  Lots more. Can’t stand (as a rule) the crap they now call hip hop.  Don’t confuse that with Rap–Old Skool and even some Gangsta–I dig LL, Ice-T, Sugar Hill Gang, Fat Boys, Run-DMC, Eazy-E.  The stuff now is simply drivel over top of a dance beat.  Fine if I’m in a club…because only the beat matters then.

4. I live in the 80’s.  Not literally, of course, although I did a lot of growing up over that decade.  In my mind, it’s (almost) always 80’s time.

5. As I grow older, I find I have less and less patience for people, especially the increasingly large number of fidiots out there.

6. Big surprise here:  I’m a geek!  I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons since I was about 13.  My current group has been together since 1997 or so.  We’ve had a couple of people move into and out of the group, but we’ve got a pretty good group and I don’t see us quitting the gaming any time soon.  R.I.P. Gary Gygax! I do a horrible job of keeping up a blog about it here:  Stuck in 3.5 Ed.

7. I’m a geek, parte dos!  I work in the Information Technology industry.  I play computer games…Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO), Neverwinter Nights, Diablo, etc.  I hate being in an area where I can’t access the Internet by phone or laptop.  Even if I never actually bust out the laptop on a trip, I always take it…just in case.

8. I’m a romantic.  I like a lot of “chick flicks,” “romantic comedies,” and “romance non-so-comedies.”  The Holiday, Shakespeare In Love, Pretty Woman, among others, are part of my DVD collection and I can’t help watching The Holiday every time it’s on TV.  My favorite movie version of Dracula is Francis Ford Coppola’s, which was initially subtitled “Love Never Dies,” because it turned the story into a love story.

9. I’m a poet.  I don’t know if that has any relation to number 8.  I’m also a writer, just not a published one…yet.  I do have a couple of poems published, though.

10. To a certain extent, I care what other people think of me because I don’t want to be a complete social pariah, but over the years I’ve gotten to where I don’t really concern myself with what people think of me.  Five to ten years ago, I’d never have admitted to a few of the things in this list.  I’d also not post on some of topics that I do out of concern that I’d offend someone.  Now, if you take offense, too bad!  Okay, if you can articulate logically why I shouldn’t have said something the way I did, I’ll listen to you, but you won’t necessarily change the way I feel or get me to apologize or retract anything.  Sorry.  I guess I’m not PC.

That’s it.  10 things.  I don’t have to tell you any more now and I think that’s enough for now.  You can learn more about me by reading past and future posts…if you’re interested.

Other Blogs I Find Interesting

Serious Pixie.  She writes about Faeries and gaming and reading and has an advice column on writing on

M. Christine Weber’s Reading Lair.  The blog part of her site where she discusses books and recipes.

Cathy V’s Living Life Out Loud Feels Good.  A positive, motivational, inspirational blog.

fTastic.  A friend of mine’s blog where he posts on whatever crosses his mind, plus posts with his photos.

Wanna Get Published, Write! (shameless plug of my own blog). This is where I post poems, stories, quotes about writing, reviews of books, and track the books I’ve read, among other reading and writing related posts.

Lastly, Drow Queen’s The Burned Hand. No, it’s not just because she nominated me. She has funny, thoughtful posts, as well as posts about how she deals with some of her afflictions.


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