The Nightly Visit of the Couch Monster

Growing up, we generally ate dinner as a family.  After dinner, my parents would make coffee and head to the living room to watch TV while my brother and I would go finish up our homework or read or maybe watch some TV, as well.  After dinner TV time was Wheel of Fortune, my mom’s favorite, followed by Jeopardy!  My brother and I used to find it funny when my dad would nod off in front of the TV…not because he fell asleep, but because his head would start leaning back slowly, then speeding up before bouncing sharply back forward.  Sometimes, this would wake dad up for a short period of time before the Couch Monster would jump back on his head, weighting it down, forcing it to bob backwards again.  Other times, though, it wouldn’t wake him up and the “bobbing” would happen for a short period of time before he’d wake.  While the one-bob was comical, it wasn’t nearly as funny as the repetitive bobbing.

Now, after dinner, I frequently find myself sitting on the couch with my laptop and often, on such nights, the Couch Monster climbs up on top of my head, grabs hold and starts leaning forward.  Other than the direction my head goes, I have become my father.  I’m not sure if the nodding off is due to not getting enough sleep at night or age or just because I’ve eaten and my body is trying to digest the food…maybe a combination of all three.  This usually lasts about 20 to 30 minutes and then I’m awake for another 5 or more hours…I guess it’s a head-bobbing cat nap.

The Couch Monster also likes to pounce a little later in the night while my wife and I are watching the shows we’ve DVR’d.  The amount I miss varies from a really short bit to nearly a whole episode.  Maybe I need to wrap this post up and start getting more sleep so I can ship the Couch Monster off to someone else’s couch…permanently.


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