At the Orthodontist…again

e-archI’m back at the orthodontist today…the third time in about as many weeks for a repair of the younger daughter’s e-arch.  Repairs of her e-arch, obviously, aren’t uncommon.  She hasn’t had it very long…maybe six months or so, but we’ve been in at least four times for repairs.  The first day she got it, her mom and sister and she went to lunch and it came out so they headed right back to the Orthodontist and got it put back in place.  Last month it slipped out twice within one week and this past Sunday it broke.  I hope they are able to do something differently so that it stays in better this time.  Her sister had an e-arch for about two years and it only broke once.

Luckily, Parks Orthodontics doesn’t charge for each visit.  The checkups and ‘fix and repair’ visits are included in the total cost.


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