Fidiots trying to create controversy

Mom Says School Punished Girls for Pro-Military Shirts

If you were to only read that headline, your initial reaction might be like mine:  “Really?  Another stupid, anti-military school administrator?”  If you read the article, though, you would discover that it’s the mother of the two girls who’s the fidiot.

According to the article, the school the girls attend has a dress code that requires a shirts to have a collar…like a polo.  The girls were wearing t-shirts they’d gotten from “Homes for our Troops” which clearly violates the dress code…the not having a collar part.

I think it’s great that the girls want to wear their “Homes for the Troops” shirts, as did the school principal, but this also wasn’t the first time the girls had worn clothing that violated the dress code and, based on the ages of the girls, any “punishment” and/or embarrassment should fall squarely on the shoulders of the parents…and shame on them for trying to take a dress code issue and cause a big controversy for the school.

You can read the whole article here:


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