Early Morning Workout – ‘Hello, Monday!’

We almost never see anyone post (in our days of Facebook and blogs) or say “Woohoo, it’s Monday!  I can’t wait to get to work.”  I like my job and don’t generally express my greeting of Monday in this manner.  Today, though, I’m sitting on the recumbent bike in the gym as I compose this post.  It’s a much better way to face the day with the added  benefit of knocking out the exercise so regardless of what catastrophes may come today that make it impossible to escape the office during “lunch time,” I’m set.

In addition, studies have been done that indicate thar exercising in the morning gets the blood flowing to the brain and helps with alertness and mental clarity…and can’t we all benefit from that at work?

If you can swing it, give it a shot.  Maybe your love of Mondays will increase just a wee bit.  Maybe.


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