The More Things Change

Everyone’s heard it, most people have probably said it:

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

On the whole, it’s true.  As long as man has been around, people have been killing people, religions have waged wars on each other, and people have discriminated and been discriminated against.  New technologies have been invented (going back centuries, not just in the Information Age) which may alter how some things are done to speed some them up, or slow other them down, or eliminate the need for some things altogether.  But even as something is no longer needed, a new requirement crops up.  There are exceptions, of course, but generally…

Oak Tree Pollen thingamagigsI experienced this first hand today.  I mowed the weeds in the front yard then got out the blower and spent another few hours blowing the annoying oak tree flowers/pollen distributors/whatever-the-heck-you-call-them from the back , side, and front yard.  This entailed about six (crappy) clear plastic yard bags and enough for another bag simply dumped into the trash can just as the trash truck got to our street.  By the time I finished the side and front Oak Tree Thingamagigs 2yards, the back deck and walkway were already starting to look like I hadn’t done them.  By the time my wife got home from work, the front porch and driveway also looked like they had been done two days ago.  Amazing…and I was thinking/hoping that this had passed.

Another “…the more they stay the same” instance:  washing the car.  I wash it and within a few days, it already has a new layer of dust or bird poop.

I know these aren’t really deep thoughts, but it just kind of bugged me today after spending all that time working on the yard to find it half-covered by the oak things.

In leaving…here’s Cinderella with “The More Things Change”


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