The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps…or Dontcha hate it when a song gets stuck in your head???

Dontcha Hate It When songs get stuck in your head…especially when you’re not sure where they even came from?

Last night after dinner, for instance, the Veggie Tales popped into my head.  Maybe it was because my wife said something about our gimpy, more-than-half-broken wiener dog which made me think of the following Veggie Tales’ song, specifically, the line “if I sing to the poor sick kitty, he’ll feel better in a day or two”.  Not sure how that would have made the connection…the animal is wrong, singing isn’t really going to make her better, and it’s been months that we’ve been trying to rehab her back injury.

Can’t explain it, but here’s the video…

And just a few minutes ago, as I was getting ready to sit down at my computer, I realized I’d been humming Taylor Swift’s “You Belong to Me”…all day.  Granted, I picked Taylor Swift station on, but this song was played about 0815 hours…about ten hours ago and I’m still singing it in my head.  It’s a catchy tune and I love Taylor Swift…for those that need clarification on that statement:  I love her music and I love how she seems able to be a star while remaining grounded, how she came be beautiful without having to “slut up” her appearance, and how, to a certain degree, she seems wise beyond her years while still maintaining her innocence.

Anyway, here’s her video for the song I am still humming…”You Belong to Me”


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