Fun Bobbies: You know them, or are you them?

Fun Bobby.  The social drinking, good time having, life of the party.  The guy (or gal) who’s always up for a visit when you’re offering booze or a big party, but otherwise, they have something else to do…often hanging with someone else who’s down for a party.  If there’s a party going on, they know about it…even if they have to host it.  Fun Bobby is always looking for a way to make things into a party…

That might be a bit over the top.  Not everyone carries a flask around to turn their coffee into Irish Coffee…not even the “Fun Bobbies”.  There’s a better chance that if invited for coffee, you just won’t hook up.  You might get a ‘maybe’ followed by a callback if they can’t find anything more exciting to do.  If they find something else, you may not even get the courtesy of a “not gonna make it” call.

I like to have a good time as much as the next guy and I like to have a good beer (or mixed drink) sometimes, but I don’t need the alcohol to enjoy myself.  I prefer to actually interact soberly (or very close to it) rather than slurred and blurry.  Maybe that makes me Not-as-much-fun-Bobby (see video below), but I don’t think so.  What it really means is that the fun-loving guy you see at work, on the soccer field, out and about with my family, etc. is pretty much the same guy you see when I’m out having “adult fun.”

Not-as-much-fun Bobby (not the best quality video, but you’ll get the idea)

This isn’t meant to sound preachy, though I’m sure all the Fun Bobbies will find it to be so.  And I’m not saying I’ve never gotten drunk.  In fact, anyone who follows my blog will recall my post last year “My Body Is a Temple…and I totally desecrated it the other night.”  What I am saying is that I’m not a Fun Bobby, and that I don’t need alcohol to have a good time.


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