To The Dungeon With Ye!

Imagination and creativity.  Our daughters have a lot of both…and we’ve provided them with a healthy exposure to fantasy, such as The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies, and the Dungeons & Dragons animated series.  They both like to play with the dice and metal miniatures we use in playing Dungeons & Dragons.  Eventually, I’ll introduce them to the actual game and sooner than that, I’ll probably buy one of the D&D Board games on the market.  And while the elder daughter loves to read fantasy, the younger likes to write stories and draw pictures…


The Dungeon

This is not where you want to be.  Based on the skulls, I’d guess you’re not likely to return from the dungeon except, maybe, as undead.  And forget about escaping…there’s a fire breathing dragon who’s always in the mood for a snack.  I wonder if he uses ketchup?


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