Dontcha hate it when you pick up an injury and it’s not even while playing the game???

Today, as usual, I was playing soccer at lunch when I missed a shot…yes, I know, I couldn’t believe it either.  I shagged the ball, kicked it back to the goal, and began to head back to the field at a brisk walk.  The ball had already headed back toward our goal and I was watching the field rather than where I was stepping when “Wham,” I stepped into a small hole in the field behind the goal, resulting in pain in my left knee.  When I tried to put pressure on it (walking) at first, it half-collapsed and had a shooting pain.  “Great,” I thought, “I’m playing in an adult league and my first game is this weekend. I was able to walk it off and went back down to our end and played keeper for a few minutes, eventually working out the kinks and playing in the field again for the last 10 minutes or so, albeit a bit gingerly.

It hurts a little now when I go up and down stairs and at other random times.

Ah, well, I can’t play Wednesday do to a work commitment so, hopefully, this will turn out to just be a little twinge.

I hate it when that happens…and it wasn’t even during play…grrrrr!


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