Rural drive

Buckingham Country

While we have many, many miles of relatively high-speed (when not congested) Interstate strewn across our nation, it’s our smaller, U.S., state, and country roads that take us through some of the most beautiful and historic places in the country.

I love rocketing along on the Interstate when I have “a long way to go and a short time to get there,” but when I have plenty of time to reach my destination or have no particular place to go, I enjoy winding my way along the more scenic byways and back roads.

Scottsville, VirginiaU.S. Route 60, for instance, winds through the Cumberland area of Virginia, providing access to a couple state parks and cutting through Buckingham County, est. 1761.  The picture above right is one of the long, hilly stretches of 60, heading through a more rural section of Virginia.

One of the historic locations I was talking about is Scottsville, Virginia.  Not historic in the “a great battle was fought here” or “aliens first made contact with us,” but historic in that it was founded in 1744.  Scottsville is at the intersection of VA Route 20 and VA  Route 6, and even though you have to cut your speed to 25 MPH, if you blink, you may miss this tiny little strip of town…pictured left.

Taking VA Route 6, a “Virginia Byway,” west from Scottsville heads toward a big part of Virginia’s wine country…again along a beautiful drive in rural Virginia.


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