Going off the Grid

This weekend our family is going camping for our older daughter’s birthday.  The place we’re going specifically states on their website that there is no cell phone reception in their cabins.  This will be interesting.  It’s not that life doesn’t go on with out mobile phones and Internet access, but I’ve not been to a place where I’ve been incapable of connecting for extended periods of time since…I can’t really remember.  This will definitely make it difficult to keep up with the Project 366, blog-a-day that I’ve been trying to keep up with.  I suppose I’ll have to open up EverNote and create a post and just save it for upload until I’m plugged back in.  I also use my phone for taking pics and I’m wondering how long the phone’s battery will last if it’s constantly searching for a signal.  If we go for a hike, I was planning on mapping the route for tracking distance and time, etc. with MyTracks…it needs connectivity to work.  It’s funny how one little device can become something we become so used to and dependent on, isn’t it?

I’ll have to follow this up with a comment or another post on what it was like and how much or little impact the lack of connectivity really had.


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