Face Off…a reality show?

My wife and I caught the end of the 2nd to last episode of Syfy’s Face Off.  It’s a reality show in which make-up artist wannabes (most of them already have some level of talent –I have no idea how they’re selected) are given a challenges to complete (3 days seems to be the norm) which include designing, producing, and presenting their creations…makeup, prosthetics, costumes, props.  Their designs/challenges are based on things such as animals, genres (sci-fi, fantasy, horror), [create a ] Tim Burtonesque character, etc.

It’s pretty cool to see how a challenge spawns a concept in the mind of these artists who then come up (usually) with a quick sketch of what they want to be their end state of the challenge.  Watching them struggle with the molding and make-up and painting and is really neat…and provides some ideas of things to do for Halloween costumes.

Finished Leopard makeup

The other thing that’s great, so far, about this show is that there doesn’t appear to be any backstabbing.  They appear to be staying in the same house, but there didn’t appear to be the “follow them around and catch them talking bad about each other” like there is on so many other shows.  They all appear to kind of bond as the weeks go on.

Lastly, this show doesn’t give “the viewing audience” influence on the outcome.  The judges decide who gets cut and who goes on.  The exception is the final challenge.  A live audience watched the three artists’ creations be presented for view, then participate in a group dance piece (this season) and then they got to vote for which artists’ creations were their favorite.  They were then dismissed and the judges got closeup looks at the creations.  The judges were informed which artist’s creations were the audience favorite.  How much the judges factored that in, I don’t know.  This season, I think it just reinforced what the judges had decided.

Can’t wait for the next season this summer.



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  1. […] my original post, Face Off…a reality show?, I said that the audience only got to vote on the final episode and that the vote was simply used […]

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