How can there be a swing vote???

As the legality of Obamacare* has now made it to the Supreme Court, there are many speculators trying to guess which way the justices will vote, if at all.  I’m not a Law expert, but apparently, they could decide now isn’t the time to weigh-in on the law and kick it down the road a bit…much like Congress likes to do with budgets.  Most of the “experts” seem to think they will uphold or strike down the law, or at least parts of it.

This is where we get to my topic question?  How can we have a swing vote on upholding or striking down this law, or parts thereof…or on any issue heard by the high court, for that matter?  I realize some of the justices were appointed by Democrat Presidents and some by Republican Presidents, but I really see a problem with our system of justice if the Supreme Court is divided in their interpretation of The Constitution in how it is applied to our laws based on which party was in the Oval Office when they were appointed.

It’s bad enough that our elected cronies in Congress can’t accomplish anything worthwhile because they vote to get themselves re-elected and not be ostracized by their party rather than for what actually makes sense and works for the greater good, but these justices are appointed are supposed to provide the oversight and protection against unjust laws by interpreting the Constitution, not to advance the goals of the party/President that appointed them.

“All we want are the facts, ma’am.” -Sgt Joe Friday

That’s what I want from our justices — they should be, nay, need to be able to blind themselves from their emotions, personal feelings, and political agendas.  There should be no swing vote, certainly not based on politics.


*Apparently, even the Obama Administration has embraced this term now.  Heard that this morning on CNN’s Headline News.


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