Britain has surely got Talent

Not too long ago, just back on the 5th of March, actually, I wrote a post about finally watching Susan Boyle‘s audition on Britain’s Got TalentAs WOWed as Simon.  As one of the judges put it, “it served as a wake-up call” to all of them and the audience who were being cynical based on the way Susan appeared and acted when chatting with the judges.  Apparently, it took no more than three years for the judges to fall back asleep, or back into “let’s get this over” mode.

Here we are a mere three years later, back on the set of Britain’s Got Talent, and the judges and the crowd are again making sarcastic quips and giving “Wow, really?” looks to the contestants.  In this video, from one of this year’s auditions, Charlotte and Jonathan take the stage.  In the lead up to the audition, they show Jonathan, 17, talk about how his weight has increased his shyness and that without Charlotte, 16, with him, he doubts he’d have ever auditioned.  Those of us who are opera fans are hoping he can get control of his weight and lose some of the nerves, because we’d love to hear him take up the reigns that were left by Pavarotti.

This audition is what I loved about Simon Cowell on American Idol.  His sarcastic attitude in the pregame banter, followed by his straight up, in your face, brutal honesty when he tells you what he thinks.  He didn’t think the audition was going to amount to much, but after hearing Jonathan’s incredible voice, he told them that Charlotte might hold him back.  You could see that his words stung Charlotte.  The truth often hurts, but she had to know it…deep down where she hadn’t really examined it.  Jonathan said it didn’t matter, they came there as a duo and they were going to go forward or fail as a duo.  Whether they win or not, Jonathon has a career ahead of him if he wants to pursue it.

This is what the judges live for.  It’s their purpose in judging these shows.  For all the hum drum, good-to-great talent that they see, as well as the completely untalented ones they have to humor, they secretly pray for a moment to be WOWed…to be completely blown away when they are least expecting it.  Well, it may have been three years apart, but lightning has struck the Britain’s Got Talent stage twice now.

Check out Charlotte’s and Jonathan’s audition…



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