Soccer…it makes me happy

I posted as my Facebook status earlier tonight that it’s going to be a very soccer-filled spring because I’ll be coaching my daughters’ team (starting this week) and I’ll also be playing for the adult league team that I’ve only managed to play for two seasons over the last two years.  It almost didn’t work out again this season, but the league we’d been playing in for almost two years was only able to field three teams in the premiere division and so my team moved to another league.  Why does the league affect my ability to play?  The league we’re now in starts their Saturday games no earlier than noon so I won’t have to risk missing half the season because I’m coaching my daughters games on Saturday mornings…the league we’d been in has two start times before noon on Saturday which don’t work for me.  I got the email this evening that we’d switched leagues and was registered in less than ten minutes…can’t wait.

Playing three days a week during lunch is great, but it’s different.  The intensity is more reserved (for most of us) because we all have to go back to work and because no one’s playing for a title.  The level of play isn’t quite the same either so I’ve noticed myself getting a bit sloppy, especially in my shooting…not squaring my hips to the goal, getting over the ball, and driving it…too much leaning back.  I won’t make the first game due to prior a commitment so I have two weeks to buckle down and tighten up my game before I step on the pitch for a real game again.

My daughter looked at me like I was silly when I finished registering and started doing a happy dance about playing.  She just doesn’t yet realize how much I love this sport, especially playing it.  My wife knows, though, which is why she puts up with me and my soccer.  She knows how upbeat my mood is all morning on days when I have a game.

I hope one day my daughters have a hobby, job, etc. that makes them feel like I do about soccer…it’ll just be a big bonus for me if it turns out to be soccer for them.


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