What’s in a Name?

Our newest child was born on the 9th of this month and we should be picking him up from the breeder around the first week of May.  He’s a cream, long-haired Dachshund…and I’m really hoping he’s got a disposition like our old man, Duncan.

Our New BabyNow we’re playing the name game, trying to pick the right one for him.  We both like Connor, but one of my cousins named their child that…we think.  My wife looked through a list of German names, but didn’t see any she liked.  We kind of like Falco and she’s called the old man (our 12 year old dapple Dachshund) Falcor before while holding his ears out like he could fly.

We tried to think of Irish names.  My wife likes Finnegan and Finian, but I’m not fond of the idea of either getting shortened to Finn.  I thought of Guinness, in honor of the creamy head, and then Jameson, which our younger daughter really likes.  My wife thought of Bailey.

I’ve also suggested:  Aragorn, Emeris, Biscotti, Amaretto, Harry Stamper (he’s going to be hairy), Grimm, Keats, and Tattoieenie.  Okay, the last one was a joke.

My older daughter put forth Oskar, but her mom and I think of Oscar the Grouch and so aren’t really feeling that one.

A little while ago, we played around with drawing names from a hat and Jameson, eventually, became the one we’re all leaning toward…well, three out of four of us.  We’ll likely make the final decision when we pick him.

I may end up calling him dumber or dummy, but I hope he surprises me and is brighter than our current wieners, and, ultimately, he’s going to be a cute little dog that will make my wife happy…which is the whole point.


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