Five Guys: Good Food, Good Service

As frequently seems to be the case when we’re having “the guys” over for a Friday night of spellcasting, slaying foul creatures, and defending the weak (aka playing Dungeons & Dragons), we find ourselves pressed for time.  After picking up the girls and getting a gift for the elder daughter who’s going to a birthday party tomorrow, we had a little over an hour until the guys were supposed to arrive and we still needed to eat.

We decided on Five Guys because we hadn’t been there in a while, they are usually pretty quick, the food is yummy, and my wife had a $10 gift card.  The line moved quickly and the cashier was very patient and smiley with the girls as they ordered.  I got a table while the girls and wife took an overly long time getting their drinks.  I found out why when I got my drink: They have these really cool Coke machine where you select your drink…I selected Coke Zero, for instance…and it then goes to another screen with that product in a slew of different flavor options…Coke Zero Vanilla, Coke Zero Lime, Coke Zero Lemon, etc.  You select which you want then hold in the “Push” button until your cup is full of your choice.  Very cool and it’s included in the regular price of the drink.

Our order was up more quickly than usual, but not for lack of quality.  Hot, fresh, and tasty…including the yummy cajun fries…lots of fries…lots.

The guy working the room was on the ball, as well.  He came by and asked how we were doing.  He was cleaning the windows.  When were picking up to go, he was in sweep the floor mode and noticed the bag I’d put all our trash and asked if it was trash.  When I said yes, he said he’d take it for us.  This young man is a great example of taking pride in your job.  His performance also reflects well on his manager.

In all, it was a fantastic trip to Five Guys…the best I’ve had so far.


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