That was scary…

My wife was out back with Dumber (our female Dachshund) earlier tonight while I was flipping through my latest copy of The Writer magazine when she opened the door and called me to out back.  I joined her and she said there was something creepy out there in the dark.  [Our backyard is a decent size and when the neighbors behind us don’t have their wannabe flood lights on, it can get pretty dark.]. I thought I saw movement in the air and asked if it was a bat.  She said “No, listen.”  After a few moments, I heard what she was talking about…something, an animal, was screaming.  Not a wolf’s howl or a bird-like shriek, but an animalistic scream.  When we got upstairs, she hopped on her laptop and found the sound of the Red Fox below…

Okay…that was a joke.  Here’s the real red fox’s scream…

We joked around about it being creepy and/or scary to think about it running around/near our neighborhood, screaming in the dark…reminded me of my favorite scene from Supernatural…


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