Going to the Art Museum…um, yea?

Does my title sound sarcastic enough?  I’ll admit that I’ve never been excited about art museums.  I understand that art helps preserve and teach about history.  I also understand that much of the art, at least before Modern Art; took quite a bit of time and effort.  What I don’t understand is the way people can go on and on talking about the brush strokes and the color and the texture (or lack thereof)…it numbs my mind.  Just thinking about it makes me start humming ‘Mahna Mahna.’  [See the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper commercial below if you didn’t get that reference.]  I guess the subject matter of the art could have something to do with my boredom at these museums.  While I like world history, I’m not usually viewing the art because it’s art; rather, I’m looking at it for the history it’s providing.  What would be a draw for me to be a regular patron of a museum?  A section, a large section, of fantasy art like that of Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Frank Frazetta, or Luis Royo permanently on display.  That would be a cool museum.

The impetus for this post?  Today, my daughters’ Girl Scout troop is going to one of our local art museums.  I’m expecting to be bored out of my gourd, but maybe I’ll be surprised.  I hope, at least, the girls find it interesting.  At the very least, this punch the last hole in the card for them to earn their first real Girl Scout badge.  Maybe I’ll do a follow-up if anything strikes me as worthy of such.

The websites of the Fantasy Artists I mentioned above


Here’s the Diet Dr. Pepper commercial from a few years ago…


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