As WOWed as Simon

I thought I was going to make this post about Eric Stanley, an incredibly talented violinist, but as I was clicking around YouTube trying to figure out which of his performances to include in the post, I saw a picture of Simon Cowell with the title “One of the best inspirational videos ever.”  I liked Simon and his caustic, honest attitude on American Idol…haven’t watched it since he left…so I clicked the link.  Turned out to be the Susan Boyle audition for Britain’s Got Talent.  I’d heard of Susan Boyle and her voice and anybody who wasn’t living under a rock a couple years ago probably has.  It truly is an awesome clip.  Susan walks out on stage and weathers Simon’s typically snarky questioning and boldly states that she wants to be as big as Elaine Paige and that at 47 she doesn’t have a career in music because she’d just never been given the chance.  The music is cued.  Susan begins to sing and you see the judges expressions…all three judges expressions…transform from “let’s get this over with” to “WOW!  This lady is incredible.”  The audience, who’d also been shown with expressions of “Yeah, right!” earlier are now awed and cheering.  The judges admit to being shocked and amazed and she breezes through the audition with three exuberant Yes votes.  The rest, as most of you already know, is history.

As I mentioned, I’d heard about Susan…all the hype and the jokes about her style, or lack thereof, but had never actually listened to any of her songs.  I have now only heard her audition and I have to agree that the hype wasn’t too overblown.  She does have an amazing voice.

Enjoy the audition of Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent…

Susan’s Website:


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